MRIGHTS operates as a collective management organization (CMO) in Italy under the Italian Laws as defined by the Italian Legislative Decree n. 35 of 15th March 2017 implementing the EU Directive 2014/26.
MRIGHTS[1] is in full compliance with the Italian Authority’s requirement regulation and is in the list of the collecting management organisations (CMO) allowed to operate in the copyright market (link to the list).

[1] Formerly VRIGHTS S.r.l., which changed its company name to MRIGHTS S.r.l. by resolution of the Shareholders' Meeting referred to in the deed of 28 July 2023 (Notary Dr. Cesare Gattoni rep. 29722 - No. 15651 of collection).

Corporate bodies

Board of Directors

Gianluigi Chiodaroli - President and Ceo
Giovanni Guglielmo Altieri
Stefano Chiodaroli
Silvia Corbetta
Dario Fantoni

Supervisory Board

Batta Claudio
Bronzini Maurizio
Morelli Mario

Audit Company


Surveillance Body (pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 231/2001)

Maurizio Ragno